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Grannies act up before getting on steps of the Old Courthouse in Redwood City for an audience keen to hear US Rep Jackie Speier speak on the Equal Rights Amendment. The date for her speech was August 26, 2014 on Women’s Equality Day. Women in the United States were granted the right to vote on August 26, 1920. The first time an Equal Rights Amendment was introduced to the US Congress was 3 years later.

Photos by: Granny roadie, Brent.

Photo Set

Top photo: 3 of 7 Grannies stop for a second to pose for a photo in Redwood City on August 26. Six Action League Grannies, and one from the San Jose gaggle who came by train, sang at a rally for the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Second photo was taken shortly after the Grannies sang. Congressional Representative Jackie Speier introduced a woman (seated, right) who worked in an airplane factory during WWII. The Congresswoman said that women were paid the same rate as men while the need was great during that war. Once soldiers returned at the end of the conflict, women once again had their wages reduced, for the same jobs men held.

In March, Congresswoman Speier offered a joint resolution to remove the deadline for the ratification of the ERA and Congresswoman Maloney (D-NY) has introduced a new Equal Rights Amendment that would finally add the word “women” into the U.S. Constitution.

Granny songs (lyrics to one song below)) were greeted by claps and cheers!  We sang 4 songs and were called back for encores. 

We Rage for Women’s Equality

tune: Battle Hymn of the Republic Key of F

Oh, WE’RE the Raging Grannies and it’s TURN-ing our hair gray

To THINK that men in suits are taking ALL our rights away.

We fought this fight before and now we FIGHT again today!

Fight FOR the E.R.A.!


All for women’s rights are we-e

Yes, we’ll win at last you’ll see-e

Fin’lly women will be free-e

Fight for the E.R.A.!

No more can they ig-NORE us and PRE-tend we don’t exist.

Cuz Hobby Lobby made us mad; and now we raise a fist

Equality’s denied us, so we’re ser-i-OUS-ly pissed!

Fight FOR the E.R.A!

repeat Chorus

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Photo Set

Granny Denley was Carmen Miranda in our play Save the Honeybees today in Menlo Park. Her hat was designed to show fruits and vegetables that honeybees pollinate. In fact, did you know that one quarter of food that Americans consume are pollinated by bees?

AND…we may get to use the Carmen Miranda character again soon..if Chiquita is the next major corporation to split from the U.S. to avoid taxes. If that happens the Grannies will not only boycott but stand in front of our local supermarkets to encourage others to boycott!

Also see on stage here, our dead bee…

Scroll down for even more pix by more of our photog friends and fans. You won’t want to miss appearances by our ukulele player, Mr. Monsanto character, and alive bee…only alive til end of skit!



The honeybees are dying! Enacted here by Granny Mary G. for our play in Menlo Park today August 23. Okay, we are one week late for the official Save the Honeybees National Day of Action. We had two Johns and a Scott taking photos for us, also the San Mateo Daily Journal was there to capture us in all our finery. Which John took this photo? Oh dear, Grannies get easily confused! Scroll down for more photos by both our “Johns”. 

Photo Set

Top photo, Center: Our character Mr. Monsanto, in black, making a statement in favor of the evil pesticide known as Roundup.  A big money maker for Monsanto; deadly to bees! The Grannies sang: Root Out Roundup!

CAUTION: Watch out for bee stinger…extreme closeup!

Photos by John Jubiak

Photo Set

Theme of our play in Menlo Park, California today: Save the Honeybees

GRANNIES SPRING INTO ACTION with Song, Dance, and loads of onstage action

photos: John Jubiak

Photo Set

Top photo: Welcoming new Granny Kin. Below, Oh no it’s a dead honeybee!

Hence the name of our play in Menlo Park today, “Save the Honeybees!”

Photos by John Jubiak

Photo Set

Photos of our production “Save the Honeybees!” at in Menlo Park today. Photos by John “Laserlefty” who is left-handed and collects laser DVD’s…a great granny friend and fan.


Sacramento Grannies joined other groups at a big rally at the State Capitol on Tuesday, July 29, featuring the delivery of a “Death of the Delta” coffin containing thousands of public comments opposing Governor Jerry Brown’s peripheral tunnels. 


Reproductive choice is an internationally recognized human right!

Raging Grannies want you to know where Eden Foods’ president has gone wrong in his argument that his company should be exempt from provisions of the Affordable Care Act. 

Steven H. Miles, M.D. of the Center for Bioethics at the University of Minnesota writes that Eden’s policy is:

  • medically uninformed. Oral contraceptives are used for treating endometriosis and polycystic ovarian syndrome, among other conditions.
  • a sexual fetish rather than an expression of a comprehensive religious doctrine. Human resources does not ask employees to convert to Catholicism. There is no Eden Organic policy requiring men and women to conform to Pope Pius XII’s address on end-of-life medical care. 
  • apparently ignorant of the nearly universal use of contraception by Catholic and non-Catholic women.
  • economically insensitive. When CEO Potter was told that contraceptives are less expensive than maternity coverage, he replied, “One’s got a little more warmth and fuzziness to it than the other, for crying out loud.”
  • sexist about contraception. Male and female partners have an equal interest in a woman’s access to contraceptives, given that pregnancy ideally arises from a mutually consenting joint cooperation. It’s no secret that women bear an undue burden from unintended pregnancies: Three-fourths of the single-parent homes are headed by women.

BOYCOTT EDEN FOODS! photo: In Palo Alto, California, Raging Grannies protested at Whole Foods which carries Eden Foods.  Here is more from this article written by Steven H. Miles, M.D. of the Center for Bioethics at the University of Minnesota. We recommend it!