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Left: Al Mite TeDollar proffers cigars in mock celebration, at a demonstration at Palo Alto’s MLK Jr. Plaza today.
Right: Two Raging Grannies in attendance laugh at Al’s antics.

A crowd gathered to protest against the Supreme Court’s decision in McCutcheon v Federal Elections Commission today, April 2, 2014. The decision ruled in favor of the 1%, another blow to democracy.

For more on this event and on the Court’s decision:


We’ve had lots of experiences with our decorated hats, even been booted out of hotel lobbies as mistaken for homeless!

Since when is wearing a hat (or being homeless for that matter) a crime? We stand for freedom to NOT be subject to mainstream America’s dictates for headgear, and at least one of our Grannies is wearing a head scarf in solidarity with our hijab-wearing sisters.

You’ve probably read about the gym that refused entry to a member wearing Muslim headwear in Albuquerque. But just today, another shocking incident…closer to home and very shocking and sad. Press Release from our friends at CAIR below:

Sacramento Valley March 24, 2014 
For Immediate Release

CAIR Seeks Hate Crime Charges After Muslim Called ‘Terrorist’ at Calif. Costco
—-Man allegedly tried to hit woman with his car when she tried to take photo of
license plate—-
(SACRAMENTO, CA, 3/24/14) - The Sacramento Valley chapter of the Council on
American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-SV), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights
organization, today called on local law enforcement authorities to consider hate
crime charges against a man who allegedly called a Muslim woman a “terrorist” and
tried to hit her with his car.
According to the woman, who wears an Islamic headscarf (hijab), the incident took
place on Saturday afternoon as she was loading her car with purchases from a Costco
in Stockton, Calif. She reported to CAIR-SV that another car pulled into the parking
space next to hers, and as a white male got out of his car, he shouted “terrorist”
at her in a threatening tone. When she questioned whether he had just called her a
terrorist, he allegedly replied, “Yes really, you terrorist! Go to hell!”
The woman went back into Costco to file a complaint. While she was waiting for
security to arrive, the man came out of the store. As the woman tried to take a
picture of his license plate for the police report, he backed quickly out of the
parking space and allegedly tried to hit her with his car. She moved to the side of
his car and he reportedly said to her, “What, do you want my name and number too so
you can call CAIR because your feelings are hurt?” He then drove away.
The woman praised Costco staff for their actions in her defense.
“We urge local and state law enforcement authorities to conduct a thorough
investigation of this troubling incident and to consider bringing hate crime charges
against the alleged perpetrator,” said CAIR-SV Executive Director Basim Elkarra.
“Those who target Americans because of their race or religion must feel the full
weight of the law.”
He noted that CAIR-SV recently called for a similar investigation of vandalism of
a California mosque. ###

The Grannies would like you to see for more conversations of religion and gender equality.

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Today we were the Raging Bubbes!
We joined Jewish Voice for Peace, Women in Black, the American Friends Service Committee and others to protest at Hewlett Packard Shareholders’ Meeting.
HP has a contract to produce and manufacture biometric ID cards which Israel uses in a discriminatory manner to segregate Palestinians. Read more!

This protest was covered by ABC News local Channel 7 this evening.

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Do we have a CD? Yes we do! Buy it at

A couple of people at the Anti-Fracking Rally in Sacramento on Saturday asked to buy one and we promised to post the info. Enjoy!

Top photo: Linda Capato introduces the Raging Grannies at Anti-Fracking Rally of thousands in Sacramento March 15, 2014

Bottom photo: Grannies ready to go!


Click on link above to see us singing on stage in Sacramento with the Sacramento -based Raging Grannies and members of 5 other California “gaggles” of Grannies.

Photo is of two Sacto Grannies and Granny Gail of Action League on stage, ready to sing out against fracking in front of the State Capitol on March 15, 2014

We are singing “Radical Environmentalists” written by Granny Vicki Ryder of North Carolina (Triangle area) Raging Grannies. While we sing out that we are radical environmentalists, we also banter: Is it so radical to want clean air and water? We don’t think so!

Many thanks to Phil and Ann, members of Veterans for Peace, also known as the singing duo Ambergrass for being at the demo and for making this video!

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photos by Granny Fran of Grannies from 7 California gaggles in Sacramento for anti-fracking rally March 15, 2014. Scroll down for many more.


Some songs we sang at the largest anti-fracking rally in California yet, today in Sacramento.

#1 Frack Frack Fracking Stinks Tune: row, row , row your boat

Frack, frack, fracking stinks
Leaks the Methane out
Methane gases are the worst…that we know about

Back back back we say
check the science first
All the mess that fracking brings…Really is the worst

Stop stop stop the frack
Fracking cracks the earth
Earthquake dangers toxics too…what’s our planet worth

The Monterey Shale tune: Sweet Betsy from Pike

Oh have you all heard ‘bout the Monterey Shale
And how it will BE fracked, have you heard the tale
In nearby Kern county it now has begun
This dastardly deed in our fair state was done. tur ra ra, lu ra ra, lu ra la ra

Those o—IL conTRAC-tors use toxics you see
Bad stuff such as methanol,  stuff like benzene
Contaminants known to harm you and harm me
We’ve got to take action; we can’t let this be. tur ra ra, lu ra ra, lu ra la ra

So pick up your pen and then pick up your phone
And help our dear state be a no-fracking zone
Your children will bless you and their children too
And when they grow up they will tell you: [spoken] thank you!

More songs! select for “fracking”
For more photos and story click on photo at top of this post

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Scroll down to post below for photo of 20 Raging Grannies ON STAGE! Here see Raging Grannies getting ready to get up on that stage (steps up, down, then up again!) at the Don’t Frack California! Rally and march in Sacramento today March 15, 2014. Here is one of the songs we sang.

No Friggin’ Fracking
Author: Granny Vicki Ryder (Triangle, NC)

Tune: “Battle Hymn of the Republic”
The USA’s addicted now to fossil fuel and oil,
And hydrofracking’s on the rise; that makes our blood just boil.
We know that fracking will destroy our water and our soil….
Hydrofracturing just sucks!
(So) Take your freakin’ frackin’ drills and keep ‘em from our town,
We don’t want your fracking turning all our water brown,
Take your freakin’ frackin’ drills or we will shut you down!
Hydrofracturing just sucks.
It blows in nasty chemicals and poisons all the water;
And causes quakes beneath the earth – a thing it shouldn’t oughta;
We want safe drinking water for our sons and for our daughters,
But hydrofracturing just sucks!


Raging Grannies from 7 California gaggles sang on stage on March 15, 2014 to cheers and fists in the air!
Sacramento has a new gaggle and led the crowd of about 20 Grannies from Sacto, Santa Cruz, SF Bay Area, San Jose, Fresno, and Mendocino.

We told Governor Brown: Don’t Frack California!

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photo right: Medea Benjamin, co-founder of CodePink and a great Granny friend, was detained and badly beaten during a peace mission to Egypt. She told the New York Times, “When the authorities came into the cell to deport me [for intending to visit Gaza] two men threw me to the ground, stomped on my back, pulled my shoulder out of its socket and handcuffed me so that my injured arm was twisted around and my wrists began to bleed…I was then forced to sit between the two men who attacked me on the plane ride from Cairo to Istanbul, and I was (and still am) in terrible pain the whole time.”

photo left: Also on the same peace mission is Northampton, Massachusetts Raging Granny Paki Wieland. Latest news, via the international Raging Granny e-vine, is that she is able to continue on the mission.

Both Paki and Medea have actively protested the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. Medea being barred from going to Gaza reminds us that the Palestinians remained trapped in Gaza as long as the Egyptian Rafah border remains closed or tightly controlled.

Violence against women knows no borders. Our solidarity knows no borders.